Without Writing

The art of writing without writing… about fighting.


Blog: set up in May 2010. The primary topic is self-defence, and therefore both physical and intellectual self-defence. This leads to topics as wide-ranging as law, politics, sport and the definition of martial arts making regular appearances.

Author: Denizen of the UK, martial arts enthusiast for seventeen years at the time.

Mood: Scrunched up forehead. šŸ˜”

Facts about the sphere of combat, self defence and martial arts that everyone should know:

  1. Most schools and clubs claiming to teach self defence aren’t doing anything of the sort.
  2. At a rough estimate, self defence as a training subject is 85% mental, 10% physical fitness and only 5% combative. In other words, don’t waste your money on fighty, combatty classes if you’re only interested in learning to protect yourself from harm. Odds on you won’t need to fight to protect yourself from harm. But you probably will have to do some other things.
  3. Most martial arts teachers aren’t qualified or experienced enough to teach anyone anything about fighting or self defence.
  4. Your own ego is more likely to get you into trouble than any random criminal, mugger or drunken brawler is to leap out of the bushes at you.
  5. Critical thinking is a necessary skill for a martial artist… but it’s a necessary skill for all human beings, frankly.
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