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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Voting in UK Elections – 38 Degrees Addresses Parliamentary Committee

Image Author UnknownI have just become aware of 38 Degrees, a campaigning organisation based in the UK. This organisation polls people on the internet as to what campaigns it should run, runs those campaigns, and obtains content and then feedback from its members relating to these campaigns.

Well done them.

Now, in the UK, voting turnouts are extremely low, historically speaking. My guess, personally, is that this state of affairs does not really worry those who hold power in the UK. In fact, the voting turnout has little or no effect on their ability to retain their current power under the current electoral system.

However, they know that some people are concerned about the low voter turnouts. Therefore, in time-honoured fashion, a parliamentary committee has been “looking into” the issue. Rofl.

Yesterday (the 20th of March 2014), a representative of 38 Degrees, a Mr David Babbs, addressed the parliamentary committee in question. Read more of this post