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The art of writing without writing… about fighting.

Sofos News Update Alert Update!!!!11

An update on our favourite fraudster’s media exposure: The recent article by one Tom Foot that was discovered in the Camden New Journal has also appeared in the Islington Tribune (presumably a sister paper of some sort), and a similar though slightly less fawning piece has appeared on the Barnet Today website, under the byline of one Daniel O’Brien. 

This latter article at least demotes Sofos from “Kung Fu Master” to “Kung Fu Teacher”, and likewise downgrades him from having “Taught Lennox Lewis and Steven Seagal” to having “Trained with” those two… but it’s still a pack of Sofos’ own lies, parroted back relatively uncritically by a journalist who simply can’t be bothered to fact-check his stories.

Shame on these, and the vast majority of, professional journalists. A bunch of craven, Chomsky-ignoring, power-fellating, lie parroting commissars almost without exception. (Pilger/Fisk/Dahr Jamail) People/Little Eichmanns like these are responsible for much of the misinformation… and therefore the misery… in the world today.

I would encourage any readers of this post to e-mail the newspapers in question, pointing them to Sofos’ bizarre claims on his own website, his wonderful youtube videos, and forum discussions concerning him.

Peace out.


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