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Martial Arts in the News – December 2010

Several stories of interest appear in the news today. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Elderly Karate Man Receives OBE for Half a Century of Teaching Impractical Fantasies to the Gullible

My headline may appear disrespectful, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t have any respect for fiction being sold as fact. The fact that he’s elderly- rather than protecting him from criticism- merely means he’s had more than sufficient time to realise the truth, and has either blocked it out of his mind, or knows the truth and continues to teach nonsense to his students. Either way, not very deserving of deference.

2. Ninja Writes Book on Non-Violence

I may poke fun, but this self-published book by Bujinkan instructor Nathaniel Cooke actually seems to be everything a self-defence book should be: a work stressing the point that self-defence is not fighting, and that avoidance via awareness, self-control and de-escalation is the first option on a long list of options (combat being the very last option on that list). Wonderful! Now if only Nathanial would stop teaching fake Ninjutsu (there is- as far as one can tell- no such thing as real Ninjutsu, nor Ninjas) and start teaching simply and plainly the Jiu-jitsu and weapon techniques that he probably knows very well, everything would be hunky-dory.

3. American Judiciary Demonstrates Total Ignorance of the Realities of Violence

A fascinating story this one: A martial artist (the most physically dangerous sort in fact: an MMA practitioner; this fighter is experienced enough to have a record on the Sherdog database) seems to have assaulted a drunken disabled man and dumped him to the floor, possibly after choking him unconscious, causing facial injuries and with enough force to break the man’s prosthetic limb. A clear-cut case, one would think, and indeed the nefarious disgrace to MMA practitioners everywhere was convicted of felony assault on his first trial, and this verdict was confirmed when he tried to appeal.

However as this story tells the conviction was just recently overturned because, during the third bite of the apple, the nine judges of the high court ruled that the prosecution’s claim that the ground was used as a deadly weapon was unfounded.

The judges in this case were clearly cosseted, without any knowledge of physical violence, and without the brains to speak to a real expert in violent conflict to help fill the huge gaps in their knowledge. I am deeply angered at this, because any MMA fighter or grappler will know that the floor can indeed be used as a most deadly weapon, and any student of violent crime and real-life violence will know that the majority of deaths due to unarmed assault occur as a result of impact injuries to people’s heads.

In other words:

A man who has a high degree of physical skill and knows exactly how dangerous a slam or takedown can be (and has undoubtedly learned to control himself during sparring), dropped a disabled man (who was apparently trying to apologise to the thug’s friend at the time) to the floor headfirst.

Since he was not defending himself or his friends, this utter bas***d should be jailed. What difference does it make whether one smashes an object in to the head of a victim, or the victim’s head into an object?


One response to “Martial Arts in the News – December 2010

  1. Peter 2011, September 2 at 11:38 pm

    …and worse, his first MMA fight and victory was over a bloke named Carney. I do not approve 😉

    Otherwise, Agreed, sir.

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