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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Where to begin?

Following neatly on from my previous post, this will (partially) address the (complex) question of how to begin one’s training in the martial arts.

My idea of the best way to begin studying the martial arts is in many ways based on the deficiencies in my own start. As stated in my initial blog posts, I spent (or sadly, mis-spent) much of my precious youth in the meaningless and wasteful practice of Japanese and Chinese martial arts styles that did not have any application to real-world combat. Following these ignominious beginnings, I began to move towards the practice of reality-based training. Read more of this post

Not the Face!

A colleague of mine has for some time been considering training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Knowing this (and angling for a blog topic), I recently asked him what- as a newcomer to the martial arts- was the most important question regarding the training he wanted an answer to.

“Will I get hurt?” was his instantaneous response.

This is a much deeper question than its brevity suggests, and a full answer is going to take a good amount of text: Read more of this post

The Fantastical Straw Men of the Charlatans

The “self-defence” applications shown in the two clips below have several points in common.

In the first clip, the Kenpo instructor “defends” himself against a tackle so bad, so mechanically inefficient, so unnatural for any human animal with the conventional body structure and regular number of limbs, that it’s a fair bet that nobody in the world has ever performed anything like it during combat, ever. The instructor refers to this as an MMA style takedown. He’s lying, unless he’s referring to a special brand of MMA for those with serious kyphosis. Read more of this post